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Printer Machinery Breakdown Cover in the UK


We’ve been in conversation with our clients and understand that there is a need for a machine breakdown insurance policy that offers an alternative to equipment manufacturer warranties. We can offer multiple machinery cover, which is often much more affordable than the manufacturer individual machine annual premiums.

  • Equipment damage and breakdown

  • Cover is provided up to the sum insured shown in the quotation or schedule. If there is a total loss, the settlement will be on a reinstatement basis.

  • Damage and breakdown at the insured location.

  • Cover while the insured property is in transit or while it is temporarily removed.

  • Damage caused by the error or omission of an operator and electronic derangement.

  • Necessary cost to satisfy building regulations or legislative/regulatory requirements.

  • The replacement cost of any undamaged non-compatible parts.

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Printer Machinery Breakdown Cover