Who We Are

First Business Protection is your partner in safeguarding the present and future of your business!

The majority of businesses are exposed to risks that make them vulnerable to compensation claims and possible disruption. Even from incidents as mundane as a customer sliding on a wet patch of floor. However, even such minor incidents can lead to severe financial loss that could put your business at risk of irreparable harm.

The creation of First Business Protection Ltd was inspired by a need to provide the clients of First Business Group with business insurance solutions that adequately matched their sizes and complexities.

With most commercially available insurance packages offering a one-size-fits-all solution, it became clear that there were many instances of businesses being forced to take up cover that was either irrelevant or inadequate to their needs. Being over or underinsured not only exposes businesses to unnecessary risks but also means they are not getting the best value for their money.

Since its inception, First Business Protection Ltd has sought to provide its clients with bespoke business insurance solutions that deliver the most comprehensive yet necessary coverage. As an independent insurance broker, we act on behalf of our business clients to ensure that the ongoing operations of their business, the employment of their people, and the reputation of their brands are safeguarded.

Our ever-expanding client list includes businesses from various sectors and but our specialisms are in the following industries including:

  • Construction
  • Leisure
  • Manufacturing
  • Printing
  • Real estate
  • SME

We provide tailored insurance solutions that include both general and specialist coverage based on the risk profiles of our individual clients. So whether you are a large corporation with varied business interests or a sole trader, our team of risk assessors are ready to step in at a moment’s notice to evaluate what kind of risks and exposures are a threat to your operations. From this information, we can then tailor an insurance package solution that meets your specific business needs and preferences.

Why Choose First Business Protection?

There are many business insurance providers in the UK market. So why should you consider First Business Protection your top choice?

Independent Broker

As an independent broker, our team at First Business Protection Ltd acts in the best interests of our business clients whilst harnessing the strength of our insurer relationship. You and your business needs are our priority. We first seek to understand the nature of your business and the potential threats you face.

From this point of view, we then have a clear understanding of what your insurance needs are and go into the market to find the best quality coverage that matches this demand.

As business and insurance industry experts, we leverage our expertise and knowledge to ensure you get the best deals possible. We take a personalised approach to business insurance, going above and beyond to ensure the coverage taken adequately protects your financial interests so you can be free to focus on other important aspects of your operations.

Business Foundation

The creation of First Business Protection Ltd was inspired by the realisation that businesses were being exposed due to a lack of bespoke commercial insurance solutions for their needs. Many were being compelled to take up policies that did not adequately address their needs or the risks they faced.

Building on the business inside knowledge that First Business Finance (UK) had cultivated for years, First Business Protection sought to remedy this situation by providing its clients with comprehensive insurance solutions tailored to specifically mitigate the risks they faced. Starting with the foundation of business clients of First Business Finance (UK), First Business Protection has since expanded its client base to include businesses from various other sectors.

Access to All Markets

Being able to provide the widest variety of general and specialist insurance coverage requires us to have access to the widest range of markets available, including Lloyds of London, and major composite insurers.

Our team of experts are well-positioned to identify the most ideal insurer partners for our clients and negotiate for the best policy terms that adequately cover their needs. First Business Protection Ltd is not tied to any one particular insurer and works tirelessly to ensure business clients are suitably matched to insurance providers that best fit their needs.

Personal Approach

The entire process begins with a personal touch. We make it our goal to get to know what your business is about and the environment in which you operate. Each business client is assigned a personal Risk consultant and client manager that undertakes this in-depth analysis. The insights developed make us better able to identify the risks you face and leverage our knowledge and expertise to mitigate these threats through bespoke insurance packages and negotiate the best deals.

Once our team establishes contact, this becomes an ongoing relationship you can expect to continue being nurtured. We make it our business to continually monitor the insurance sector and legal requirements for the businesses in the various industries we cater to. This ensures we can provide qualified advice on all matters insurance-related to your business.

Specialist Knowledge

First Business Protection Ltd has grown by leaps and bounds thanks to its recruitment of insurance experts with decades of experience and expertise in the sector. We leverage their skills and knowledge to deliver a bespoke service to our business clients. Our client managers and risk consultants have a keen understanding of the different industries we cater to and work diligently to deliver a personalised and people-driven service.

They work with our clients to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the risks they face and how the tailored policies and recommended wording enhancements are to their benefit. Our specialist claims team is always accessible to offer guidance on the necessary procedures that will lead to a straightforward and streamlined claims process and settlement.

Competitive Pricing

We have established relationships with major insurers that offer general and specialist insurance coverage for various industries. These connections and our knowledge of the insurance sector enables us to know where we can find the best deals for our business clients when it comes to tailored insurance solutions.

With this research and through negotiations, we can secure the most competitive pricing on insurance policies for our business clients. It is not about getting the cheapest rates, but rather the best value for money that delivers adequate coverage at affordable premium pricing. We do all the legwork in finding you the best deals, saving our business clients time and money they can redirect to more important activities.