Whatever the composition of your commercial property portfolio, you are likely to need insurance solutions that have been carefully tailored to cover the unique set of risks you and your properties are facing.

In the real estate business, every property possesses inherently distinctive characteristics in terms of such factors like location, size, build, purpose, type of tenant and investment value that makes it difficult to find a suitable “off the shelf” insurance product that can address and secure all your interests as a property owner.

From residential let to factory premises, property portfolios can include an assorted mix of holdings that make many of the insurance offerings commercially advertised to the public an ill fit. You may easily find yourself with a one-size-fits-all solution that either offers inadequate coverage or is over-priced.

At First Business Protection, we identify the specific risks and challenges within your property portfolio and develop a custom-made insurance package that will match these needs. Possible risks can range widely to include such threats as flood, theft, fire damage and monetary loss of rental income.

Our specialist team understands that with risk comes uncertainty and thus a need to ensure that your financial interests are well-protected. To meet your demands, we leverage our many years of experience and expertise in risk management and insurance to offer you premium quality policy coverage.

We work with an extensive and carefully selected panel of the best insurers in the industry to offer a streamlined and bespoke service that delivers enhanced policy coverage.

Do you have any questions about how to obtain commercial property owner’s insurance for your property investments? Contact our customer service team today at 01634 386 869 to get all your questions answered.